Wondering why so many Canadians support postal banking? Let Guillaume explain.
Guillaume is the third in a series of postal workers sharing their story.

Thomas is a postal worker in B.C. and he's mad as hell about claims Canada Post isn't profitable. Watch his story.
Thomas is the second in a series of postal workers sharing their stories.

Follow Rebekah, a Vancouver postal worker, as she explains why door-to-door delivery matters to her community.
She's the first in a series of postal workers sharing their stories.

Learn more about Federal cuts to Canada Post

Our Message

We deliver more than just the mail. Postal workers deliver a public service. We deliver profit to the federal government, but as importantly, we deliver a sense of community. We deliver a service that makes all our lives better, at no cost to taxpayers. Canada Post management and the Harper government are putting all this […]

About the Cuts

From right or left, cuts to Canada Post don’t make sense. In fact, the only beneficiaries of the current Conservative policy are foreign, private mail carriers drooling over a deregulated Canadian market, and the banking lobby, eager to avoid competition from a postal bank. For everyone else, this is bad public policy. We will now […]

Who Are We?

We Deliver Canada is a campaign by CUPW Vancouver Local 846 in partnership with CauseComms: Communications for the Common Good. The CUPW Vancouver Local represents over three thousand postal workers in the cities of Vancouver, Richmond, Burnaby, North Vancouver City & District and West Vancouver. Our members take great pride in the work that they […]

In the News

“Yes, Canada Post must modernize in order to meet challenges facing the postal service, but not at the expense, safety and needs of its customers. It appears Canada Post is more concerned with increased cost cutting rather than properly serving Canadians. Where is the validity to trim thousands of jobs and end home delivery services when the Crown Corporation has run a profit over the last 20 years?”

- The P.E.I. Guardian, December 2, 2014

“Despite the fact Canada Post has been profitable in 17 of the past 18 years, earned more than $1.5 billion in profits in the past decade alone, and has a pension plan which is fully-funded on a going-concern basis, our government claimed they had no choice but to gut it.I suppose the lesson here is that the big banks have better lobbyists than do citizens. Or perhaps it was an ideological urge to slash public services that drove this decision, facts be damned.”

- Toronto Star, February 19, 2014

Many private sector, for profit, companies would envy the performance of Canada Post over the past 17 years compared to the way they actually performed during tough economic times…it has exceeded that for many years while delivering a valuable public service – which is still much needed. All options have not been considered and adequate public consultation has not been implemented.

- Hamilton Spectator, January 10, 2014


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